Sunday, November 16, 2008


I posted this picture without trimming the tails. The tails will all be at an even length, unless you like the different lengths.

I wanted to go ahead a get a picture of what one of the tutus looks like. They are very poofy!
You can choose up to four colors.
This one is made of pink, purple, green, and yellow.
The colors I have available right now is light pink, hot pink, ivory, beige, brown, light purple, olive green, sage green, and yellow. I am looking for Christmas green and red and I would be able to make Christmas ones. I will post some other colors tomorrow, after I search for them.
The sizes available are as follows:
Infant: made at a 6" length and a 15" waist: $15.00
Toddler and little girls: made on a 17-19" waist and either a 10" or a 12" length. $22.00
I can custom size a waist for a larger child, no extra charge.
All tutus are made with matching ribbon.
If you want an embellished tutus with ribbons hanging down, that would be a 5.00 extra charge.
These are definitely intended for dress up play and are by no means "professional". I have fun making them and thought there might be some little princesses that would enjoy playing in them. If you have a particular color combination in mind, just email me and I will see what I can do.
You can email me at

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The Loopy Bow

This is the loopy bow.
Only available on French Barrette (Large and small)
Large size is 6.00 and small size is 5.00

As my orders increase, certain styles of ribbon may become unavailable. If I need to make a substitution on a particular bow illustrated here, I will make a sample and post it. For now, all styles are available. It seems the reindeer bow is a fast favorite. I can also so that one with a candy cane, or a christmas tree.
Thanks for those who have placed orders. Oh, I also need to let you know that I charge 3.oo for regular shipping.
I will debut the tutus by Thursday, so for those of you who are waiting, I promise I will have it done. They make adorable Christmas gifts. I will make a sample and then post the colors you can choose from for your customized tutu! I am having a blast and you guys are fabulous for thinking my bows are so cute!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Holiday Pony Tail Holders

Small Tied Ribbon Pony Tail Holders $4.00
(set of two)

Large Plaid Tied Ribbon Ponies - $5.00
(set of two)

Red and Green Large Ponies- $5.00
Set of Two

Christmas Bows

Small Triple Stacked Bow- about a 3" bow
Alligator clip or French Clip $5.00
(Can make into a larger 5" bow - $7.00)

Small double tail bow- $4.00
alligator clip or french barrette

Jingle Bell Bow- $5.oo
French Clip, Alligator clip

Happy Holidays Large Bow- $5.00
French Barrette or Alligator Clip

Large Double Bow with Reindeer $7.00
(also available candy cane or Christmas Tree)
French Barrette or Alligator Clip

I have one or two more styles I am still working on, but wanted to get these up for you guys to see. I will also be getting a sample tutu up with the colors available. I will probably end up setting up a store on ETSY but until then, you can email me at to place an order.